USED DOGS Fundraiser

Big Paw Designs supports USED DOGS rescue with our Fleur de Lis keychain and collar charm. This summer we are also holding a fundraiser for them! You can click on the item below to donate or on the widget on our site on the right and help them spay, neuter and rescue New Orleans pups!

USED DOGS is a very unique organization that began its’ work with stray animals over six years ago by responding to the shocking reality of abused and neglected animals in the New Orleans area. Madalin Bernard, founder and executive director of USED DOGS, is a native of New Orleans and after returning home for a visit in 2000, witnessed scarred and starving strays roaming the streets, that had been severely abused, neglected, exploited, sometimes fought for sport and ultimately abandoned. Bernard decided to leave the film industry where she was working in California, move home and directly address the malicious animal abuse that plagued the New Orleans area. Read more..



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