Remembering Passed Pets

A memorial gift can be a thoughtful testimony to the meaningfulness of the life and love of a beloved pet who has passed on. It can also be the gift of life for other animals in need. It can add just the right touch for expressing compassion to someone who has had a loss and who cares about animal welfare.

Buying a plaque for the wishing well of your local animal rescue group (such as Citizens for Animal Protection) or a paving brick (Houston Zoo and SPCA) is a way immortalizing that lost loved one. People see the names emblazoned there every day, and many are warmed at the thought of the love symbolized by the remembrance.

The Houston SPCA also maintains kennels sponsored in the memory of passed pets, as well as living animals and other sponsors. You see the engraved plaques above each kennel at every visit.

The Houston Humane Society has a memory tree prominently displayed on one wall. It’s foliage is comprised of engraved brass leaves featuring the names of donors to the program and memorials to past pets.

Check in your community for projects like these. Consider giving beloved pets a way to be remembered and to help other animals.

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One comment

  1. What a great idea. I lost a beloved Saint Bernard 3 years ago and what a fitting tribute to buy a brick with his name at the zoo or shelter.

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