Used Dogs Rescue Updates

Here are the lastest updates from USED DOGS Rescue in New Orleans!
Don’t forget – The Woof Fleur de Lis charm and keychain benefits USED Dogs…

Used Dogs has been trapping at the BW COOPER Demo site and gotten 2 adult dogs that were the sources of some of the 4+ litters of puppies we had pulled from there.

Here is the first one. I named here Ava Lucille!

She wasn’t feral at all and seemed very relieved to finally be caught.
She is emaciated and has some skin issues but is well on her road to recovery.
She of course spayed now. She has a really neat temperament.
I am glad we got her, cause she a super dog, but in the condition we found her in, she would have been a prime candidate for euthanasia at Animal Control

Used Dogs has been doing some really good adoptions too! Bowser got an AWSOME home. As did Trigger and Zampino AND Sportacus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting lots of spay/neutering of pit bulls done.



  1. If I wouldn’t live in a little flat in town, I would adopt a “used dog”…so I adopted a “used cat”!

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