What Do You call your dog?

We recently asked our Big Paw Designs newsletter subscribers to submit their favorite pet sayings and nicknames – we are always looking for inspiration for our designs! We will be posting some of them If you have suggestions – keep em comin! Send us your pets and nicknmes to info@bigpawdesigns.com

Lady (pit bull/shepherd mix): Lady Bug, Miss Lady Do

Cocoa (87 lb chocolate lab): Frankenpuppy, Bubby, monster

Congo (chow, shepherd mix): dogzilla, ‘zilla, junkyard dog


Throwing a Missy Fit



  1. Our dog’s name is Violet but I often call her Schmiolet, for reasons that should be obvious. When she’s misbehaving we sometimes call her Voldemort, The Dog Lord or The Bark Lord, aka She Who Will Not Be Tamed.

  2. When we got our rescue dog he had a missing eye, broken teeth, and needed surgery from the abuse he had in his former life. After making it through ??? and living to tell the tale, we knew he needed a Tough Guy name, so we named him Blitzkrieg.

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