Why Should You Play with Your Dog?

Besides the simple fact that it can be a lot of fun, playing with your dog can have other important ramifications. Both the dog and the owner will learn to communicate better with each other. The more time that they spend together, the better they will know each other.

Each of them will begin to understand facial expressions, voice intonations, and gestures more fully. Verbal expression may take a back seat occasionally as these other forms of communication become better understood and perhaps even more expressive.

Additionally, playtime can be an excellent opportunity to teach your dog good manners. This is turn will turn the dog into a better family member. After all, taking turns is not only part of playtime, but also, it is part of daily living.

People who play with their dogs often meet other people who are also playing with their dogs. They can share useful information that can help them to be better pet owners. Perhaps they will learn more about their dog or dogs in general. Information about specific behavior problems or illnesses can be shared and solutions can be discovered.

Activity is good for both the dog and the dog owner. Activity or exercise boosts the immune system. It also helps maintain a balanced weight. Plus, it reduces boredom, an element that can easily get any animal into mischief. Interaction with your dog can have a positive influence on your mental outlook on life. Play with your dog, whether you choose dog toys, a game of fetch or a romp in the park and have some fun, and stay healthy.

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