An emergence of designer dogs has created a whole new set of dogs to select from for a family pet. Designer dogs are, however, more expensive than purebreds in many cases. The Schnoodle is only one of several types of designer dogs.

A schnoodle is a cross between a schnauzer and a poodle that has some of the characteristics of each breed. Typically, crossbred dogs do not exhibit any of the inbred traits for diseases that purebreds have.

This selectivity of good characteristics and the absence of negative ones are due to the fact that many of the problem traits in a purebred are recessive. Both parents of the puppies must have the trait in order for it to appear. Crossbreeding eliminates many of these undesirable characteristics.

For the most part, schnoodles are easily trained and very intelligent. Therefore, they learn quickly. Plus, they make great family pets because they are friendly and affectionate. Even though they are not overly noisy or aggressive, they are good watchdogs since they are alert and watchful. They will let you know when someone that does not belong is nearby.

Schnoodles behave well when traveling in cars. Since schnoodles love attention and like to remain active, it is important to spend sufficient time playing with them, especially a game of fetch.

Neither the schnauzer nor the poodle shed, so the schnoodle does not shed either. Therefore, proper grooming is essential. This necessitates weekly brushing and having their hair clipped at least every twelve weeks if not earlier.

Since these dogs do not shed and are hypoallergenic, they are good pets to have if you have allergies. Moreover, many schnoodles have been bred to become therapy dogs. The ears of a schnoodle can either be short like a schnauzer’s ears or long like a poodle’s ears.

Schnoodles are usually white, gray, black, apricot, wheaten, chocolate, sable, or a mix of these colors. Additionally, the body can be a dark coloring and the legs of the dog will be a lighter coloring. This type of dog can also have patches or markings of the lighter coloring as well.

The average schnoodles range somewhere between ten and twenty pounds in weight. Their typical range of height is between eleven and fifteen inches at the withers. A toy schnoodle is under ten pounds and less than ten inches. A standard schnoodle is fifteen inches in height or more and twenty pounds or more in weight.

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  1. You say that these crossbred dogs will be more resistant because genetic problems are recessive, but that is not strictly true and the two parent breeds share some of the SAME conditions, so the schnoodle is no less likley to delevop them as either of the purebreeds. For example, schauzers and poodles are both very prone to allergies and eye problems (especially cataracts). Saying that crossing these two breeds which have the same conditions will result in pups that aren’t going to have these conditions is just not true.

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