Mixing It Up for Your Pet

With cats and dogs, dry kibble can get a bit boring. Mix it up for your pet by combining wet and dry food for a special treat. Any single kibble variety can be invigorated into a seemingly endless assortment of flavors and textures to keep your pet interested.

Try crumbling some dry kibble on top of a bowl of wet food. This can add some crunch to an otherwise soft meal. This is also a good way to start a wet food eater on kibble, but introducing it to them slowly.

To keep a picky pooch or kitty from licking out only the wet food in a dish, try putting your kibble and wet food into a zipper bag and shaking it up. This will help to completely coat dry kibble and give your pet a more interesting meal time experience.

For a real treat, put a few spoonfuls of wet food on top of the regular kibble in your pet’s dish. This offers an appetizer and a main course all in one.

If your dog or cat is a gourmand, serve up something special. Serve your pet’s normal wet food meal on top of a small amount of chopped, cooked noodles or rice. The grain products are a healthy addition to your pet’s diet.

Just as you like variety in your meals, so does your pet. Nature made them to eat different kinds of things, and you can keep their interest in their food dish up with a little extra effort.

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