Dog Breeds – The Pointer

Many breeds of dog owe their existence to the human quest for birds and other game, and the Pointer is certainly no exception. The Pointer was developed to help hunters flush out game birds, by “pointing” in the direction of the game. This unique breed retains its love of the hunt, and it loves to run and play. It is important, therefore, for Pointer owners to have plenty of space for their new dogs, and it is important for these dogs to get plenty of exercise.

The Pointer is a medium sized dog, with adults standing between 24 and 27 inches at the shoulder and weighing in at between 40 and 65 pounds. As with other similarly sized breeds, owners of Pointers should be on the lookout for signs of hip dysplaysia and obesity, as well as kidney problems that are sometimes associated with the breed. It is important for all dog owners to have their pets thoroughly vet checked at least once per year.

The dense, short coat of the Pointer requires less grooming than many other breeds, but it is important for owners to brush their pet thoroughly and wipe him with a cloth to bring out the shine in the coat. This brushing will help to maintain the glossy coat for which the breed is known.

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