Gifts For The Rescuer

Has your cat already given up a few of its nine lives? Perhaps your dog has actually earned the name “Lucky”. With our rescue charms, you can let your hero know just how much you appreciate his/her help.

Firefighters and rescue personnel are often called to situations involving pets. From kittens in sewers to trapped horses, these men and women put themselves at risk to save the life of your cherished pet. And then there is also the bystander who, with no training or equipment, goes above and beyond to insure your pet’s safe return. Even your pet’s veterinarian may have gone to extraordinary lengths to put your pet back in your arms where he belongs. All of these people are deserving of a little token of gratitude.

These people are usually left with little more than the memory of what they did that day. Our line of rescue charms is a wonderful way to say “Thank You”. In addition, you can help out other pets with the purchase of our Woof Fleur de Lis charms. A portion of the proceeds from these charms goes toward pet rescue in New Orleans.

If your pet has a ‘tail’ to tell, be sure to thank his rescuer with a unique gift from Big Paw Designs.

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