Dog Breed – The Australian Shepherd

If you’re interested in a high-energy, relatively low maintenance dog, the Australian Shepherd may be for you. They belong to the Herd Group according to the AKC, and often act the part. They are neither large dogs, nor yet outstandingly small. Females have a definite feminine look and attitude that’s unmistakable.

Being even-tempered dogs, you will rarely see natural displays of aggression or fear. They are not shy dogs by nature, being instead very friendly and good natured.

Aussies are very intelligent, loyal, and have strong herding and territorial instincts. They are agile, well-balanced, muscular, and love to show those traits off! They also have a lot of stamina and may be able to out-play even the most athletic of owners. They make outstanding Frisbee players.

The Aussie coat is moderate in length and shed, and comes in a wide rainbow of colors, including the merle pattern. Their coat is fairly weather resistant. The undercoat varies according to the climate, and it will adjust fairly quickly to new environments. They also sport feathering down the backs of all four legs which adds a certain feel of flight to their movement.

They most often have a docked tail, either naturally or surgically. When that docked tail gets to wagging, it wags the whole dog!

As with any dog, Aussies require plenty of exercise and companionable attention. They tend to be fond of company, whether it’s you or another pet.

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