Comfy Dog Beds

Please visit today’s sponsor and shop for Comfy Dog Beds. They have beds for all sizes and shapes of puppies and dogs.
Also, if you have a big pooch – like a Great Dane or Great Pyrenees, then you need a great XL bed.

These durable and fashionable beds are 100% guaranteed. Your super sized pooch has room to stretch in these 6 foot by 4 foot beds and they will fit pooch as large as 200 pound – now that is a big woof!
And with a big dog – comes big dirt – but no worries- the covers are easy to remove to throw in the wash.

Looks like they come in twenty – two colors. I really like that! Most beds you have four to five choices. I like the Daisy color – but I don’t think my male dog would – so maybe I will stick with denim.

It also look like they have dog couches! If your pooch is anything like mine – I would rather him have his own space with one of these beds or couches. More room for me! Plus it will be easier for your dog to get in and out of if her has bad hips. These beds have great orthopedic support too. This company does a lot of research for comfort, safety and style – so you can rest assured your pooch will be comfy.


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