Cat Breeds – The RagaMuffin

The RagaMuffin certainly possesses one of the most unique names in the entire cat fancy, and this breed is unique in ways that go far beyond its name. The RagaMuffin is the gentle giant of the cat world, with its massive size and laid back personality, and many of those who have met this wonderful breed have fallen in love.

The RagaMuffin appears in all coat colors and all patterns, including tabby, blue, mink and tortoiseshell. The coat of the RagaMuffin is considered medium-long, but the coat is generally low maintenance, requiring little more than an occasional brushing to keep it neat and clean. The coat is thick and plush, but unlike many other breeds of longhair cat the RagaMuffin coat resists matting and clumping quite well.

The RagaMuffin is a large and a striking cat, with females averaging between ten and fifteen pounds, while males may tip the scales at an impressive fifteen to twenty pounds. The cat is heavily boned and well built to carry that bulk. They mature slowly, reaching their full adult size and weight at approximately four years and having a long life expectancy.

Even though the RagaMuffin is a beautiful cat, it is the personality of the breed that has won over the largest number of converts. The breed is extremely sweet and personable, with many similarities to a friendly and laid back lap dog. These cats love to be held and cuddled, making them a great choice for children, and their easy going personality means that they tend to get along with not only dogs but other household pets as well. Those seeking a sweet and adorable companion need look no further than the wonderful RagaMuffin.

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