Doggy Dining Out

In an age when many people think of their dogs as children, some restaurants are becoming more dog-friendly. Health codes do not allow dogs, other than assistance dogs, inside establishments that serve food but if there is an outdoor dining area, it’s up to the restaurant owner whether or not to allow them there. Some, not only allow dogs, but go so far as to offer doggy diner menus.

Doggy dining out is a fairly new concept and may or may not catch on. It depends on how responsibly dog owners behave. As with any privilege, there’s always the potential for abuse. There may be the owner in denial whose dog nips the waiter. There may be the lax owner of the mutt who plants his muddy paws on everyone. There will probably be the over-zealous dog owner who allows the dog to lick the plate. And there may be the occasional doggy spat, or complaint from a cat owner who wants the same privilege.

Overall, it can be a good thing, especially for those traveling with their pooch and tired of drive-thrus. It can be a good thing for those who simply enjoy taking their best friend everywhere they go.

If you would like your dog to accompany you for a meal out, following these ten guidelines will ensure a pleasant experience for all.

1. Call first to make sure your dog will be welcome. Some dog-friendly restaurants may have certain rules and/or not allow certain sizes and/or breeds.
2. Be considerate. Take your dog only if he is well-behaved.
3. Make sure your dog is clean and freshly groomed.
4. Take a water bowl for your dog. Do not expect the restaurant to supply this, although some do.
5. Keep your dog on leash and near you, but do not tie him to the table!
6. Keep your dog off the table and chairs.
7. Do not allow your dog to eat from restaurant dishes.
8. Do not allow him to socialize with other diners.
9. Do not allow your dog to trip other diners or the waiter.
10. Enjoy a tasty meal with your best friend!

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Summary: Dogs dining out with their owners is a fairly new concept. For those who want their dog to accompany them for a meal out, a few guidelines will ensure a pleasant experience for all.


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