English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniels are intelligent, energetic, bouncy bundles of fun. They are perfect to own as family pets as well as for use as working dogs. Here we will take a look at some of the traits and facts of this fascinating breed of dog. We cover its history and traditional uses, appearance and characteristics, as well as its common personality traits.

Historically, all breeds of spaniel originate from Spain and until the 1600s were considered as a single breed or group of dogs. Litters often produced dogs of differing sizes and the larger of these went on to become the forerunners of English Springer Spaniels. Initially, Kennel Club of Great Britain recognized the breeds of both Springer and Cocker Spaniels back in 1892, but there were problems in that often the two breeds stemmed from the same litter. In 1902 the discrepancy was resolved and English Springer Spaniels were officially recognized as a separate breed by the Kennel Club of Great Britain. They had to wait until 1927 for the American Kennel Club to follow suit and grant recognition.

English Springer Spaniels were originally bred as gun dogs and traditionally used for flushing, or springing game from fields. That practice is still used today. Let’s see how they look.

Appearance wise, English Springer Spaniels are medium sized, compact dogs with long floppy ears and medium length, often wavy coats which are weather and water proof. Their colouring is one of black and white, liver and white or tri-colour with one of these two plus tan markings. They have brown or dark hazel eyes which are trusting and give the impression that butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth and are often referred to as “spaniel eyes”. We’ll move on to their general characteristics.

English Springer Spaniels have an even temperament and make good family pets where children are involved as they love to play and have seemingly endless reserves of energy. They are easily able to run for many miles and cover ground quickly so require plenty of quality exercise off the leash, preferably in open fields or parkland. Now we’ll look at their personality.

English Springer Spaniels are intelligent, friendly dogs that are quick to learn new tricks and love to show off. They are very obedient and easily trained. English Springer Spaniels are not known for aggressive behavior and this makes them excellent pets for families with children.

From their roots in Spain to their modern day place as family pets and working gun dogs, English Springer Spaniels are very popular dogs. Their boundless energy, enthusiasm, and playfulness combined with their obedience, intelligence and lack of aggressive personality traits makes English Springer Spaniels the perfect pet for any home.


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  1. An interesting post to read… Personally, I have raised my 2 English Springers (a brother and sister separated by one litter) and have done the research and crate-training to turn the 2 of them into well-behaved Springers with 2 very unique personalities. English Springers are full of love and are definitely social animals who love to play and be loved. I talk to them as though they are my children and they do understand. My male Springer loves to watch tv, especially anything that is dog-oriented, more along the lines of Animal Planet or America’s Funniest Home Videos. My female Springer goes to one of their toy boxes and grabs a toy to distract her brother so that she can have “mommy” or “daddy” time. You should see them in the winter, oh they just love the snow. Overall, the training of one’s dog(s) is a journey of patience. commitment and repetition.

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