Dogs: Pedigree or Non-Pedigree

Should you get a pedigree dog or a non-pedigree dog? Although this may seem like an extremely important question, it’s really more a matter of personal taste than anything.

If you get a pedigree puppy, then you know exactly what to expect when the puppy grows up. You know what the average height and weight for a dog of this breed is. You can also read up on your new pet and discover what characteristics he will most likely have.

You will be able to gauge important things like the level of exercise the dog will require, the amount of grooming he will need, and the degree of aggressiveness he will display. Moreover, you will know what diseases are inherently more likely due to the breed of dog that you have chosen. It follows that you will also be readily able to find advice on treatment of any inherited diseases.

Nonetheless, certain advantages exist to the acquisition of a crossbred dog. In general, a crossbred dog is less expensive than a pedigree dog for obvious reasons. In fact, some are very inexpensive and therefore, they are usually a better option for someone with a limited budget.

Additionally, the different or unique look of a crossbred dog may be somewhat appealing to you. If you decide to go with a crossbreed, be sure to look at both of the parents, if possible, to get a better idea of what the end result might be when the puppy grows up.

Although opinions vary on this, no one can say for sure whether a purebred or a crossbred dog will be more prone to illnesses or inherited diseases. Consider the pros and cons carefully before you bring your new puppy home.


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