Pet Insurance

Rising veterinary costs can be frightening, especially when your furry or feathered friend is in dire need of assistance. It doesn’t have to be that way. Pet health insurance can help defray the costs so you don’t have to face the tough choice between your pet’s health and your checkbook’s balance.

Many small companies offer pet insurance, some within certain breeds or species, and others for any animal. The insurance may range from covering exclusively healthy pet services, to full coverage hospitalization and emergency care, to term life.

The ASPCA, for example, is offering pet health insurance to its members with a portion of the premiums going to support the ASPCA’s various functions. While ensuring your pet’s health on this plan, you are also contributing to pet health and safety nationwide.

Being a responsible pet owner means more than just kibble and a soft bed. It can also mean being able to offer your pet a higher quality of life with just a little insurance.


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