Agility and Flyball Training for Dogs

Two of the advanced obedience training sports are agility and flyball. These two sports have become extremely popular in the United States.

The agility competitions involve an obstacle course. The requirements for each activity are very strict. They must be followed exactly or the dog will lose points from his possible score.

The obstacle course involves a series of activities that are timed. The activities include a seesaw, a tunnel, several jumps, a stay on a table, and several obstacles that involve weaving in and out.

Again, the dogs must perform each event correctly in order to achieve the maximum number of points. If the dog fails to navigate each obstacle in the course properly, he will lose points.

Flyball competitions usually prove to be a bit more exciting for the dog, the owner, and the spectators. The flyball course includes a straight strip, short in length. At one end of the strip, a box that has a foot lever and a trap is located.

The flyball event involves several steps as indicated here:

– The dog is given a signal.
– The dog races to the box.
– The dog steps on the foot lever.
– A ball is released and flies up into the air.
– The dog leaps to catch the ball.
– The dog rushes back to his owner to give him the ball.

Flyball competitions are timed to the exact second. Typically, flyball competitions are run as a relay and involve four teams of dogs that include about six dogs each.

The fact that these particular dog sports are popular does not mean that they are easy. In fact, they require a great deal of consistent training. Therefore, the trainers and competitors for these sports must be dedicated.


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