Dog Gone It! Easy new tag changer

Dog-gone it! Don’t you just hate it when the time comes for new rabies tags, collar charms or a new collar. Those tricky little tags turn into people proof torture devices!

We have found this nifty little device that will take your broken fingernails and frustration away. Big Paw Designs now carries the Tag-It. It is a neat little device that looks like a mini –collar and allows you to easily transfer tags, charms, etc to a new collar.

Now you can happily indulge in a new collar for your pooch every season, or just for the holidays. Or don your pooch with a different collar charm for every mood….some days he may be a Couch Potato and others and All American Dog.

And for $4 bucks – how can you go wrong?

Buy yours today at



  1. A word of caution!We abandoned this nifty solution when we lost 2 sets in 2 months when our Labradors were a year old. It appears they can become detached much too easy. Imagine having to hassle with replacing ID tags repeatedly – I’ll give up a nail to not have to do that just once.Could have been a fluke – as the concept is great!!

  2. Any one else have this issue? Perhaps they are not meant for rambunctious dogs or rough play…..but we would love to hear if anyone else has had an issue with the tag changers.Woof!

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