Preparation for a New Kitten

Bringing home a new kitten can be a challenge. A bit of adjustment is always required.

If you bring your new friend home when the house is busy and noisy, she is likely to run and hide, and may never seem to come out. Bring her home when the house is quiet. A time when you are on a normal schedule is good, so she won’t get spoiled having all of your attention, as she might if you are on vacation.

Have a room prepared to receive your new friend. Confine him with a litter box, water and food for the first couple of days. Let him get used to a secure place before he explores the rest of the house. The Kitty can smell the other members of the household, and be visited, but has time to take it all in slowly.

Make sure your kitten has a cubby hole of some sort. This provides a sanctuary for your kitten when she’s tired or frightened. It can be as simple as a cardboard box with a warm old towel or pillow, or as elaborate an enclosed bed as you care to acquire for her. Be sure to place the cubby in a warm, dry, quiet place.

Give your kitten a bit of company if he shows separation anxiety. This is normally expressed by crying and looking lost. A ticking clock and a towel-wrapped hot water bottle will help to remind him of his mother and siblings.

If you don’t already have other pets, consider bringing home a pair of kittens rather than just one. This will give your kitten a playmate her own size. They can keep one another occupied when you are not at home. Having a companion can ease many feline anxieties.

Never give a kitten as a present unless you have spoken with the receiving party first, and can manage to present your gift during a quiet time. A kitten popping out of a box at a birthday party or at Christmas may seem like a wonderful surprise, but it can severely frighten the kitten.

Remember that when you bring a new kitten home, you are now it’s ‘mommy’. It is to you the kitten will look for food and water, for play and exercise, for support and love.


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