The Best Dog for you?

There are many people who truly love dogs but lack the right temperament or sufficient energy to take good care of them. They might buy a couple of puppies, on impulse, from a pet store in the mall only to be shocked by how quickly those puppies become full-grown dogs that wreak havoc in the house and need frequent exercise lest they become aggressive or unhappy. Other owners with active lifestyles may still make bad matches for outgoing dogs like Labradors or Golden Retrievers because of their urban environments: in the city, there’s few places to let these animals run to the extent that they need to.

Those of us who lack the time, the ability, or the right living conditions to keep up with more energetic breeds – but who still long for the companionship of dogs – should consider others that are more docile by nature. Some are quite content to be couch potatoes alongside us, or will be satisfied with occasional walks around the block. These dogs make great companions without taxing our minds and bodies, or turning our home lives upside-down.

Finding a good dog of the breed we choose can be a little more time-consuming than just going about a random search, but it makes it much easier for us to envision the full-grown dog that it will become – i.e., its eventual size and overall personality – if we get it from a reputable breeder.

Dalmatians tend to be comfortable with city living; they even adapt well to mobile homes and houseboats. Typically quiet and clean, these dogs are also fun loving and easy to train. A little exercise is sufficient for them, and they seldom need any grooming. Keeshonds are also right at home in the city. These petite dogs possess above average intelligence and tend to remain happy so long as we keep them company. A good weekly brushing is all that’s needed to keep their coats groomed.

Chow Chows need daily grooming, and won’t give us their full obedience straight away (they tend to be independent thinkers) but they’ll respond well to us if we’re gentle with them. They’re noted for their affection and loyalty towards those whom they’re familiar with, and their size prevents them from being a menace around the house (they do need to be watched, however, because they can get up to mischief).

Beagles may prefer outdoor play, but they’re perfectly adaptable to city life and the comforts of the home. Small and friendly, they’ll allow us to have our tranquility if we give them affection and occasional horseplay. If even this seems excessive, one might consider owning a Pug – a true domestic by nature. Pugs enjoy a good run in the yard now and then, but they’re just as likely to prop themselves beside us on the couch while we watch television.



  1. I picked the shih tzu because they are beautiful dogs and can be happy staying indoors. They are so gentle-almost human. I really love shih tzus! For outdoor dogs, i’d pick a lab because they are just so affectionate and loves the water.

  2. Having the right dog (or other pet) for your family is so important! Thank you for addressing this and giving some uncommon suggestions. I got a cocker spaniel because I’d noticed that they were one of three breeds of dogs that always seem to enjoy the types of activities I’m involved in. We just got a new bunny, picked almost entirely because he liked cats and dogs and my cat and dog like bunnies. He fit right in.s

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