Pet Bells provide both fashion & function

Bells for small dogs and cats are a great pet gift. Pet
provide an attractive and colorful addition to a dog or cat’s collar.
In addition, there are benefit to adding bells that jingle to your pet’s collar:

  • Cat Bells allow
    you to know where your cat is – no more sneaking around!
  • Cat bells may just save a bird’s life. If you don’t want your cat to hunt
    the wildlife in your backyard, jingle bell charms on Fluffy’s collar may just
    do the trick to alert the bird and keep him from being an afternoon snack.
  • Jingle Bells are
    also for small dogs. Put a bell charm on the mini-yorkie or puppy that gets
    underfoot. Your small toy dog will be much safer as you zoom around the kitchen
    making dinner or getting ready for work if he has his doggie jingle bell charm
  • Putting a dog bell on your pup’s collar will also alert you to where he
    is. No more hiding when you are trying to find fido at bathtime or for the
    trip to the vet!
  • And of course there is the fashion side of things. Jingle bell charms are
    an easy and attractive way to spruce up the everyday collar. You can even
    switch them out for season. Put a Mardi
    bell charm on your pooch to celebrate New Orleans style. Put a Preppy
    cat bell or dog bell charm on your pet for spring! There are also a Holiday
    pet bell options.

Pet bells, as you can see, provide a variety of benefits – both fashionalbe
and functional.


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