Dogs on the Beach

Bringing your dog to the beach has all the makings of a great day. Not only can the Frisbee playing, ball fetching and splashing around result in an afternoon’s worth of healthful exercise for both dog and dog owner, it can be a terrific way to bond with your best friend. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you and your pet hit the surf and sand.

First of all, sand is not necessarily a benign element. Many a hound has picked up some unwanted hitchhikers from a day at the beach, otherwise known as sand fleas. These tiny annoyances can cause irritations much the way typical fleabites can. An owner’s best bet is to flea-proof your pooch before a trip to the beach with products like Front Line or any recommended by the dog’s veterinarian.

Similarly, water can be dangerous for a dog to drink. Naturally, salt water lapping should be avoided, but even the water from fresh water sources could spell a bout with dangerous micro-organisms. Ideally, you should bring some water in a cooler and a dish for your pet to drink from throughout your time on the beach.

Finally, if your dog has recently been shaved for the warm weather, this could spell trouble with the sun. Sunburn in a dog is just as uncomfortable for canines as humans. If your dog’s has just been shorn, it may be worthwhile to put that trip to the beach off for a week.

Finally, consider your dog’s obedience and temperament carefully before allowing it to run free amongst other beach goers. Even if your dog poses little risk to people, consider how it reacts to other dogs who may also be visiting the beach. Be sure to have your leash with you in case any negative issues arise


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