Dogs: Toy Safety and Fun

Even dogs need to be amused from time to time. Therefore, it is important to provide a variety of toys for your pet. With the exception of the terrier breed, most breeds of dogs do not show a preference for one type of toy over another.

However, it is equally important to provide toys that are safe for your dog to play with on a regular basis. The things that you give to your dog to play with should not resemble common household items. If they do, it may be difficult for your pet to distinguish between the two. There’s no sense to setting him up for failure by confusing him from the get go.

Young puppies, in particular, need a variety of toys to keep them amused and out of mischief. If they have been separated from their mother and littermates, they no longer have company to keep them entertained. It is up to their owner to provide them with the means to stay out of trouble.

As stated above, most dogs do not show a preference for their toys and will play with each of them intermittently. However, if your dog does show a preference, remember to purchase that particular type of toy when it’s time to upgrade to newer stock.

Rawhide chews are an excellent way to satisfy your dogs chewing needs.

The most basic rule for the safety of dog toys is not to purchase anything that has small parts that are easily removed. Choking is a real concern with most pets, especially those that are left to their own devices for hours at a time.

Many people like to provide their pet with a stuffed animal or doll, similar to the teddy bear that many humans receive when they are young children. However, eventually that stuffed animal or doll will be shredded to pieces, so purchase one that does not have small, hard parts that can easily cause a dog to choke or even to swallow them.

Balls are also favorite toys for dogs. Both master and dog can enjoy hours of fun playing fetch. It is important to purchase a ball that is large enough to avoid becoming lodged in the dog’s throat. Realize that a dog’s teeth are sharp and you are most likely going to have to replace several balls over his lifetime.

Katie’s Bumpers
are also a great toy – they float, they squeak, they come in bright colors.

Your dog can play tug of war with them, you can play fetch and more!
He’s worth it though, isn’t he?


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