Dog Breeds – the Standard Poodle

When many people think of the poodle, it is the tiny toy poodle that comes to mind. This tiny dog has a much larger cousin, however, and the standard poodle is a loyal, loving and highly intelligent dog.

The standard poodle is also known for being a very good watch dog, and a dog that is good with both people and pets. Since they are both large and high energy, they do need lots of space to run, and regular exercise is important to both their physical and their mental well being.

At between 22 and 27 inches in height at the shoulder and carrying a weight of between 45 and 70 pounds, the standard poodle dwarfs its smaller relative. This large size makes the standard poodle a great choice for lovers of big dogs.

Since the standard poodle is somewhat large in stature, owners should be on the lookout for signs of hip dysplasia, a common problem in large breed dogs. The breed is also known to suffer from ear infections and stifle problems, and it is important for new standard poodle owners to discuss any special health concerns with their veterinarian.


One comment

  1. Poodles are great. I didn’t care for them much until I saw them in agility. I love the standard poodles now.

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