The Goldendoodle, as its name would suggest, is a hybrid dog produced from breeding Golden Retrievers and Poodles. Some suggest the mix was first bred in Australia, but North American breeders claim to have first created Goldendoodles in the mid 1990s. Due to their very light shedding coats, amiable personalities, and largely hypoallergenic nature, they have become very popular pets in recent years.

Both Poodles and Golden Retrievers are widely considered to be among the smartest dog breeds, and Goldendoodles retain the high intelligence of their parents. They are very playful, and love water. They will eagerly give chase to anything that moves, following the hunting instincts inherent in all retrievers; in addition, they have a strong sense of smell that often keeps them sniffing everything in sight. Kids, strangers, and other dogs are all greeted with a friendly and sociable attitude. For the most part, they are easily trained and almost always enjoy fetching. Most Goldendoodles can also be taught a variety of tricks.

The important thing to remember with Goldendoodles, as with any designer breed, is that not all dogs will turn out the same. Some Goldendoodles inherit more golden retriever than poodle, which means they will still shed. Others will not be entirely hypoallergenic. If the dog is a first generation cross, meaning its parents were purebreds, than it will likely exhibit “hybrid vigor”. This is the name given to the fact that first crosses between purebreds are usually healthier and more vigorous than their parents. This is another advantage of owning a Goldendoodle.

Since it is difficult to determine the exact size that a hybrid dog will grow to, there is no set size classification for Goldendoodles. However, as long as the parent breeds are standard size, there are standard variations for Goldendoodles. For example, males will usually end up 21 – 24 inches high and weigh 55 to 85 lbs. Females can range from 20 – 23 inches high and weigh 45 to 65 lbs. Mixed genetics also means that the coats can vary from wavy, crimped or straight, and may come in just about any color. Sometimes a single litter may have multiple color variations in it. Facially, Goldendoodles usually look like Golden Retrievers with flatter features and higher foreheads.

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