The Happy Dog Home – Dealing with Separation Anxiety

There are many behavioral issues seen in otherwise wonderful dogs, but one of the most common has to be separation anxiety. Many otherwise well adjusted and delightful canines become nervous wrecks the minute their humans leave the house, and the resulting separation anxiety can manifest itself in a myriad of ways, from house soiling to chewing to self-injury. It is important for owners of these anxious dogs to get a handle on the problem and address the root cause of the issue.

One of the simplest ways to deal with separation anxiety is to leave home often and for short periods of time. Simply leaving the dog alone for a few minutes, while you walk around the block or drive around the neighborhood, can help to ensure your canine friend that you will indeed be returning. Many dogs that suffer from separation anxiety seem to fear that their owners are never coming home, and this causes a great deal of stress. Simply returning home, armed with treats and lots of scratches behind the ear, can do a lot to reassure a nervous dog.

Providing the dog with a favorite toy, or an item that he is allowed to chew to calm his nerves, can also help a great deal. Providing the dog with a favorite toy is a great way to ease anxiety and help the dog adjust to your absence. In addition, there are many great chew toys on the market that can help the dog relieve stress through the natural process of chewing and teething.

In addition to these methods, many pet owners have found that simply bringing a new pet into the household can help nervous dogs deal with stress and anxiety. Many owners of high strung and nervous dogs have found that introducing an older and more settled dog can help the dog relax and deal with separation more calmly. In addition, these dogs can help to entertain and reassure one another during those times that their owner is gone for extended periods of time.


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