Dogs of Some Renown: Five Famous Pooches

They say that every dog has his day– here are five canines who’s fifteen minutes of fame have outlasted most:

* Rin Tin Tin: This rescued German Shepherd began his movie career in 1925 in the movie Where the North Begins. Rin Tin Tin went on to make 25 movies (wherein he always saved the day) and signed his own contracts with his paw.
* Snoopy: Created by Charles Schultz, Snoopy is still one of the most beloved of all the characters in the Peanuts comic strips. The beagle is forever chasing the Red Baron but never even comes close to catching him. Snoopy fancies himself a novelist who always begins his stories, ‘It was a dark and stormy night..’
* Spuds McKenzie: Spokesdog for the Anheuser-Busch beer company, Spuds had a lengthy career as Senior Party Consultant during the 1980s. One of the more active doggies of the decade, Spuds water skiied, skate-boarded and spent a lot of time in the company of beautiful women.
* Laika: Her name means ‘barker’ in Russian. Laika was the first living creature to orbit the Earth, taking a one-way ride on Sputnik II on November 3, 1957.
* Petey: Possibly the friendliest American Pit Bull Terrier ever, Petey starred in the “Little Rascals” movies and shorts. The ring around Petey’s eye was drawn on, which explains why it changed from one side to the other.

There are dozens, possibly hundreds of other equally as well-known doggies but of course, the most important pooch of all is the one asleep at your feet right now.

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