Puppy Treats

If you have ever owned a puppy or visited someone who does, then you know that puppies love to chew. In fact, puppies are not discriminatory and they will simply chew on anything and everything when the mood sets upon them. Therefore, it is in your best interest (and the best interest of your home) and in the best interest of the puppy (and the puppy’s health), for you to provide your puppy with lots of appropriate treats.

If you are buying treats for your puppy, realize that your puppy has different needs than adult dogs. The physical characteristics of puppies are much different than that of adult dogs. Puppies are much smaller than adult dogs, their jaws are not as strong, and their need to chew is more intense.

Therefore, it follows that their treats should be treats that have been formulated with puppies in mind. Most importantly, puppies need treats that are much smaller, so that they can enjoy them.

If you purchase treats that are too large for your puppy, then he won’t be able to fit them into his mouth. Instead of having an enjoyable time gnawing on his treat, he will be having a frustrating time attempting to chew on something that is never going to fit into his mouth. Additionally, he will soon lose interest in the treat and look for something that he can manage to sink his teeth into for some chewing pleasure.

Moreover, your puppy’s treats should have a softer composition than a full-grown dog’s treats. Treats formulated for adult dogs are harder in order to achieve the maximum chew time. Adult dogs have larger teeth and stronger jaws than puppies, and therefore, they can handle a harder treat. Most puppies cannot handle treats that have an extremely hard or tough consistency, but rather, they need something a bit softer and more malleable.

From mini treats to teething treats to shaped treats to bones, puppy treats come in a wide variety. When you begin to offer your puppy treats, offer him some variety, and pay close attention to the ones that he likes and the ones that he does not like. Eliminate the treats that he does not favor, not only are they wasted on the puppy, but also, they are a waste of your money.

Once you have discovered the flavors that your puppy likes, the types of treats that your puppy enjoys, and the ones that seem to satisfy his chewing urges, at least temporarily, focus on providing those for him. If you see something new and interesting, however, don’t be afraid to allow your puppy to try it. After all, as he grows, so does his ability to chew. Take care of your puppy’s chewing needs, and your possessions will last longer, including that slipper that he really does want to chew.

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