Common Things That Are Poisonous to Dogs

Some substances that are poisonous to dogs are obvious, but the list of what could make your dog sick may contain some items that surprise you. Remember a dog is very much like a human toddler and is quite capable of putting anything that is appealing or looks appetizing into their mouths. Don’t just childproof your home, dog proof it too. Get down on their level and see what they see from their point of view. Go around the house from that perspective and you might be really surprised what is down there and what they have access to. The following are some of the things that can pose a health risk to your dog.

Plants and Flowers

Some of the beautiful flowers and plants that we commonly have around our homes and gardens can be quite dangerous to a dog . Those lovely holiday seasonal blossoms, like Easter lilies. mistletoe, poinsettias, Christmas roses, many of the spring flowers like tulips, crocuses and hyacinth are toxic to your dog. There are more, but the best thing to remember is if you do have these flowers in your home, donít tempt the dog anymore than you would a child. Put them where the dog cannot get to them. Even if they are not prone to plant eating it is better to be careful to begin with than to have a loved animal get sick from something that could have been avoided

Many common house plants are dangerous too, for example philodendron, dieffenbachia, umbrella plants and english ivy to name a few.

Do your research before bringing any plant or flower into the house, but if you do, use the same precaution you would with your children in their placement around your home or yard.

Caustic chemicals, household supplies, personal care items, medicines

Insecticides, flea medications, human medications like Tylenol, most household cleaners, laundry detergents, bleach, nail polish are all dangerous. Garden, garage and craft supplies like glue, fertilizers, putty, paint thinner, battery acid, kerosene and plaster are toxic


Most people have heard about the dangers of chocolate for dogs but a few others can cause problems for your dog and they may surprise you. Grapes and raisins are dangerous as are onions, cocoa, coffee and mushrooms.

Symptoms from Poisonous substances

Each dangerous item may cause a different reaction in your dog depending on what is affected. If you suspect or have seen your dog get into any of these, call your vet or animal hospital and ask them for the best course of treatment and whether or not they need to be brought in.

Watch for labored breathing, abnormal hyperactivity or lethargy, dilated pupils, upset stomach, skin irritations, rapid heartbeat, excessive thirst, staggering or drunk walking, drooling, fever, or even abnormal withdrawal or clinginess.

Being forewarned is the best defense, but use common sense too. Obviously you can’t keep your dog in a totally sterile and harmless environment, especially if they are a part of your family and day to day life, but being more aware can really make a difference. Make sure you inform other family members too, about these dangers so they help to protect your dog. Your dog is a valued member of your household and deserves to be protected too.

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  1. greta site i never knew grapes and raisins were poinious to dogs , but i have a question Is nail polish bab to put on your dog?

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