Dogs: Treating Cuts And Scratches

Rambunctious dogs are sure to have more than their fair share of cuts and scrapes. Even calm dogs can acquire a cut or scratch every now and then. Fortunately, it is usually a simple task to care for a cut or scratch on your dog.

Treatment depends upon the size of the cut or scratch. How long and how deep the cut is may change the manner in which you treat it. Cuts that are at least a half-inch deep or a half-inch long will need attention from the dog’s veterinarian. In fact, it will most likely take a stitch or more, depending on the length of the cut.

If you plan to take your pet to the veterinarian, do not treat the cut yourself unless it is bleeding profusely. The staff at the veterinarian’s office will only have to take off any bandages or dressings that you have applied.

Typically, minor cuts and scratches require little more than a thorough cleaning. The dog’s skin usually does not bleed profusely unless the cut is deep. In fact, consider any cut that does not penetrate the dog’s skin to be minor in nature.

Be quick about your task of cleaning the cut, however, so as not to bring too much attention to the afflicted area. The last thing that you need is to have the dog giving the cut more attention than it calls for in the first place. This can lead to a lengthier healing time.

Trim the dog’s hair away from the cut so that you can clean it more readily. Use a mild antiseptic solution to treat the cut. Keep a watchful eye on the cut for the next few days to look for any indication of infection such as increased redness or swelling. If this does occur, take the dog to the veterinarian immediately.

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