Renting with Dogs

Most landlords who forbid dogs have had an unpleasant experience in the past. Let’s face it. Some irresponsible dog owners allow their dog to run loose, mess the yard, or they leave them home for long periods to chew the blinds and howl. You can’t really blame landlords for being less than thrilled with dogs in their housing. If you’re a responsible pet owner, and your landlord frowns when you mention bringing in a dog, try these ten ideas for convincing him or her that your dog will not be a nuisance.

  • First, ask why the no-pet policy so that you know what concerns to address.
  • Invite the landlord to meet your dog. Make sure Max is groomed and on his best behavior.
  • If there is a board of directors or other authority to take your request to, don’t take ’no’ from management as the final decision.
  • Assure them your dog will be kept indoors or on leash at all times.
  • Assure them your dog is housetrained and that you will pick up after him outdoors.
  • Offer to sign an addendum to be responsible for any damage your dog might do.
  • Offer to pay a refundable pet deposit.
  • Furnish references such as veterinarians, obedience trainers, pet sitters, previous landlords or neighbors
  • Show them your dog’s obedience school diploma, CGC (canine good citizen) certificate, or any other titles in training that he may have.
  • Provide vaccinations records, health certificate, etc.

    Some landlords will never change their mind, no matter what you do, but if you are successful in getting him to relent, be sure to get it in writing before you sign the lease. Most importantly, after you’ve moved in, keep your word, and don’t allow your dog to be a nuisance. It’s the irresponsible dog owners who make life difficult for the responsible dog owners.

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