Petaholica – A Pet Newsletter

Here is a cool new newsletter for you dog fashionista’s called Petaholica. It has really high end dog fashion reviews, and cool dog ideas, doggie daycare, dog services, doggie design, dog travel, and fun. Sign to get the newsletter twice a week on the home page.

Petaholics: The Newsletter for Savvy Pet Owners allows you to read the most recent news on pet luxury, designers, new products, reviews, deals and sales. There are three versions you can sign up for: Petaholica Anywhere, Petaholica Cats, Petaholica New York. It must be good because 79% of subscribers read almost every issue. Pet stores can also advertise on the newsletters. Maybe Big Paw Designs needs to do that!

The most recent newsletter is about some new dog collars… “The Urban Nubuck is a modern classic, made of genuine leather, has a soft feel, available in four colors.”here.

In looking at the archives, I think my favorite is “Love at First Sniff“.

Although “Croc Around The Clock!” looks pretty cool too.

Here is one for cats.

Look like they have reader survey’s too, which can be fun.

They also donate to a neat kid’s charity in Arizona called Casa de los Ninos

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