The Poodle – An Irish Dog???

This poodle in particular, while not a standard poodle has St Paddy’s Day right!

The Standard Poodle is the large relative of the smaller, companion breeds of Poodle. It was originally used as a duck retriever – hence its French name, Caniche, meaning ‘Duck Dog’. As these dogs were used as retrievers of waterfowl, they were constantly in and out of water, making their coats very heavy. Clipping was eventually performed to reduce water resistance while swimming. Today’s clipping is actually based on historic grooming.

Poodles are good-natured, highly intelligent and very easy to train. They dislike being alone and absolutely thrive on companionship. They are generally very friendly towards strangers and make excellent pets for children. These dogs are not too demanding as far as exercise goes, but they do have a real passion for water. As well as making great companions and retrievers, they also make good guard dogs.

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