Freckles – Keeping Irish Eyes Smiling

Meet Freckles, a quite Irish red-headed pooch with a sweet story:
“This is Freckles, our one-year old long-haired Chihuahua and Papillon mix. I bought him for my boyfriend upon his return from Ireland to give him something to love after his 21-year old son passed away after an accident. The puppy has freckles on his front legs, which reminds us of Michael, the red-haired freckle-faced boy we loved so well.”

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  1. “Freckles, the Irish Papillon” is a book I wrote about my boyfriend, his son, and Freckles, the thread that connected all of us. Since my earlier post, my boyfriend passed away also, so now it's me and Freckles, together forever. Check out the Kindle e-book on Amazon and download it for only $4.99. I hope you like the story.

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