How to Dye Your Pet’s Fur Green – Safely

Many people have their opinions on whether it is animal cruelty to dress or color your pet for your own enjoyment. That is a personal issue. If you are one of those people who think that coloring your pet is a no big deal thing, then here is a guide that will show you how to do it safely.

Experts in dying their pet’s coats have suggested food coloring as the safest route to take. The best way to dye your cat or dog green is to mix a few drops of green food coloring with water. Mixing it with water may make the green look a little faded. However, if you apply pure green food coloring on your pet’s coat, it will take a while for the coat to go back to its original color.

For an even stronger dye you can also mash up green side walk chalk and mix it with water. This method has more staying power. However, it can take even longer for the coat to return to its normal color. There is also the possibility that your pet may digest the chalk, which has the possibility of being harmful.

Obviously dying your pet’s coat green will only work on pets with lighter coats. If your pet has a darker coat, you should celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by dressing them up in green pet clothing. As long as you dye your pet safely, there is not harm with having a little fun and holiday spirit. To ensure maximum safety, it is best to discuss what you desire to use as a dye with your veterinarian.

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