Winterizing Inside Pets

It’s a good idea for your car to be ‘winterized’. You prepare your family for the coming cold as well. Did you remember to winterize your indoor pets?

Indoor pets can be truly miserable during the cold months. They do not develop thick winter coats because they are being kept in temperature controlled environments. Just because your home is temperature controlled, does not mean it’s humidity controlled.

Winter is generally dry, even when there is snow outside. The heating system in your home leaches moisture out of the air, and out of your pet. Dry skin, itching and flaking can become an annoyance to both you and your pet. There are various products to help alleviate the condition available at pet stores, and your best advice as to what to use on your pet often comes from your vet.

Dogs and cats with thin coats, like Whippets, Chihuahuas or Sphinx Cats, will benefit from wearing sweaters if they go outside. The ability to retain body heat is dictated by the thickness of the coat.

Your little rodent friends will need extra water, and you might often them some additional fluffy bedding materials.

If your animal’s core temperature becomes low, feed them something warm. You like a hot cup of tea or cocoa to warm you from the inside out. You pet will benefit from a bit of broth or warmed soft food in the same way.

What you do to winterize yourself is probably good for your pet as well. Take into consideration the differences in your species when making your decisions, like no cocoa for your dog.

Stay warm together, and your pet will appreciate your efforts.

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