Winterizing Your Cats

When the cold weather strikes, it can be disastrous for your smaller furry friends. Cats of all colors and sizes need a little extra support in the winter. Keeping your cats indoors is the first line of defense.

Box-beds for outdoor cats are a simple way to help them keep warm. Box-beds should be placed in sheltered areas such as your porch or patio. They need insulated bedding. They should be large enough inside to accommodate two or three cats together. Cats often curl up together to share body heat.

Cats will seek warm places. Outdoor cats will often curl up on car motors to stay warm. Be sure to honk your horn before starting your engine.

Kittens and elderly cats should always be kept inside and away from the ravages of cold weather. Colder temperatures can be lethal to tiny and aged bodies.

Keep your kitties cozy!

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