Winterizing Outdoor Pets

Winter is hard on outdoor pets. There has been record breaking snow in the Northeast this year. Cold temperatures, the dry atmosphere broken by spells of precipitation and high humidity, and often a lack of suitable shelter can lead to your pet’s life being in jeopardy.

Pet owners should take care to winterize their outdoor pets. Roomy doghouses with insulated bedding that have been raised off the ground are very effective in keeping your yard dogs warm and healthy. The housing should be free of drafts and wetness. Doors should be covered to prevent wind and rain from reaching the bedding and creating bone chilling conditions.

The same can be done for cats, with smaller bed-boxes being made available on your porch or patio. Cats will often curl up together to increase their body temperature, so be sure the bed-boxes are roomy enough for two or three animals.

When the temperature drops too low, it’s time to bring the animals inside. A warning of “PPP” (People, Plants, Pets) on your local weather reports means bring your pets inside.

Dogs with little or no house training may be put into the garage or basement with adequate bedding. They might also be kenneled in the house, preferably in the kitchen where it stays warm. Cats can be brought in and confined in a bathroom if they are not used to being in the house. Puppies, kittens and elderly animals should never be exposed to low temperatures. It can easily be fatal.

Your pets depend on you to keep them happy and healthy. Don’t let them down when they need you the most.

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