Animals & Constellations – Valentine’s in the Sky!

Want to earn brownie points with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? This year, make your dinner reservations, but be sure to allow time for a moonlit walk. Better yet, plan a picnic under the stars and point out February’s romantic constellations.

You won’t see actual heart shapes in the sky, though you probably could find a few cooperating stars and make your own constellation. Who wouldn’t love you for that? Better yet, you’ll see actual constellations in the February skies featuring bunnies, puppies, unicorns and doves.

In the northern hemisphere, Lepus, the rabbit is visible during the winter months. This bunny is located below Orion and west of his hunting dogs, Canis Major and Canis Minor. Be sensitive, it’s Valentine’s Day after all, you might not want to mention that the dogs are hunting the bunny.

During February, Canus Major can be seen from both the northern and southern hemispheres. Canis Major represents the larger of Orion the Hunter’s two dogs. This dog shaped constellation contains the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius, the Dog Star. To find Sirius, simply draw a straight line to the left from Orion’s belt. Sirius is located right on the dog’s chest. The Dog Star is actually the dog’s heart.

In the midst of the well known constellations of Orion, his two dogs and Gemini, a faint unicorn flickers in the February sky. This constellation is called Monoceros and was once known as Unicornu. Everyone knows that unicorns are magical and this one is no exception. In fact, it’s practically invisible. If you can’t spot it for your sweetheart, you can either blame it on the faint stars that make up this constellation or the gentle light of the moon. Either way, be sure to mention that the unicorn symbolizes purity and chastity.

Remember the dove Noah sent during his famous voyage? The dove returned to Noah carrying an olive branch, a sign that the dove had found dry land. This month, spot the dove’s constellation, Columba from the northern hemisphere. The dove has come to symbolize peace and spirit. In China, it is said to represent longevity. The Greek Goddess, Aphrodite, considered the dove a symbol of love.

Feeling lovey-dovey? Grab a blanket, a box of chocolates and snuggle up under the stars with your sweetheart or favorite pooch this Valentine’s Day. Whether you find the Valentines in the sky or not, you will have won her heart.

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