Valentines Day Shopping for four legged friends

As I often do at this time of year, today I was out shopping for Valentine’s Day. As I picked up the requisite gifts for family, friends and of course my significant other, I thought of one group that often gets left out in this frenzy of well meaning gifts.

That group, of course, is our pets. For many of us, our cats, dogs and other assorted critters are as much a part of the family as the human members, so I thought it worthwhile to think about showering gifts on those four legged family members.

After a few minutes of brainstorming, and browsing, I came up with this by no means comprehensive list of pet friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

For the Cats
-Catnip of cat grass (why not buy some seeds and grow your own year round?)
-Cat toys (always a favorite)
-Cat treats (the way to a cat’s heart is always through the stomach)
-A special cat bed in a lovely shade of red or pink

For the Dogs
-Gourmet dog biscuits (fresh baked gourmet dog biscuits are always a hit)
-A special squeaky toy
-A day of beauty at the groomer, complete with pedicure and maybe even a doggy massage
-A special soft bed for relaxing after a hard day


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