Celebrate Valentines with your Pet Safely

Valentine’s Day brings about a lot of excitement and gifts. With the excitement and gifts also comes possible dangers for your pet. Show your pet how much you really love them by keeping them safe.

Candy: Valentine’s Day is centered around candy and chocolate. This may be sweet for you, but for your pet, it can be health hazardous. Keep all your sweets in the refrigerator or in a cabinet that your pet cannot get into. Reward them on this special day with catnip or biscuits.

Candles: It is the national day of romance, so it is no wonder why you want to spice up your night with candles. Since pets are curious as much as they are clumsy, monitor your pets around candlelit areas. A knocked over candle from your carefree pet would definitely ruin your special night.

Flowers: Believe it or not, a lot of flowers are toxic if your pet digests them. Such flowers include tulips, baby’s breath, and different types of lilies. The most dangerous thing that comes with flowers is the small packets that help preserve them.

Candy, candles, and flowers are all possible dangers for your pet. This does not mean you have to stop enjoying them. Just use extra precaution with these three items around your pet. If your pet happens to ingest flowers or candy, take them to the vet or pet hospital right away.


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