A Pet Food Bank – a unique approach to pet rescue

Cafe San Jose has a unique approach to pet rescue – a pet food bank.

They not only but donate food and supplies to rescue groups, pet foster moms and those in need. They also work with Meals on Wheels and other organizations to go out in to the community and help with low cost vet services, food etc.

We thought this was such a great idea – there had to be more pet food banks. So – here it is….the official Big Paw List of Food Banks. We found that many local humane societies and SPCA’s have some sort of program, so you can check there too if you want to donate. Add a comment or email us if you know of one we have not listed. We will also list them on our website for easy reference on where to donate in your neighborhood! Woof! Meow!

  • Cafe San Jose – CA
  • The Pet Food Bank – Southern
    California and Mexico
  • Pet Food Bank – Seattle
    Humane Society
    – Seattle King County
  • Heather’s
    pet food bank
    – Santa Cruz CA
  • Pet Food
    Bank of Austin
    – Austin Tx, Travis County
  • The Pet Project
    – FL
  • PAWS (Pets are Wonderful Support)
    San Fran. CA
  • West
    Columbia Gorge Humane Society pet food bank
    – WA
  • Whatcom Humane
    Society pet food bank
    – WA
  • Paws Houston
    – TX
  • Pet Pals of Texas – San Antonio
  • Senior Citizen Pet Food Bank
    – Spokane WA
  • Hope for Pets
    – KY
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