Pet Valentine

Once again February taunts and bullies us with its wily winter winds. As the unkind blasts of the weather force us into our homes, we seek shelter and warmth both physically and emotionally. A lover or mate can help to fend off the winter blues, but all too often, our significant others don`t have the patience or inclination to keep us comfy and cozy on a continuous basis. Human beings aren`t built to provide that sort of loyalty. But when it comes to dependability and undaunting affection, othing says love and hearts like our little four-footed friends who provide warmth, love and communication whenever they are near us.

This kind of loyalty needs to be acknowledged whenever the possibility arises, especially during festive occasions. Your pet may not know the exact reason for celebration but he will feel the extra effort you’ve made to show your appreciation. Valentines Day traditionally calls for cards , flowers, candy, and even the extravagance of clothing or jewelry for your better half. Although your frequently caressed cat or stroked and nuzzled canine doesn’t get much of a thrill from a greeting card, and candy would be frowned upon by the veterinarian there’s a myriad of gifts, large and small that would show your pet he is surely appreciated.

Aside from a handsome collar with stones in colors that accent the dog’s eyes, choose a variety studded along the collar to signify his age. A place like Big Paw Designs carries a variety of silver and gold tags that proudly display his name or yours, as well as your address for emergency situations. This unique shopping site also carries medals, collar charms and magnets to let everybody know how special this animal is to his owner. They are not solely concerned with showing off animal fashions; they carry a whole line of signature rescue themed designs in charms, frames and magnets. Want to alert everyone to your seeing-eye or hearing dog? You could even do it with ear rings. Special fundraiser rates are offered for rescue teams or groups of working animals. Every possible need can be met, and every occasion celebrated.

But let’s get back to Valentines day in relation to our household pet. Imagine how stunning your white-haired cat will look in a black studded collar; picture your sleek black kitty with a contrasting silver neckpiece; or what about your seal-point siamese, accentuated with splashes of color around his neck. How about matching jewelry for you and your pet: a rhinestone collar for your canine, and a matching bracelet, necklace or choker for you. Pictures of you and your pet in a holiday themed frame would beautify your mantlepiece for years. Your imagination can fuel your love for your pet, and he’ll know how you care for him.

You can find all these classic and trendy accessories online with less fuss than it takes to open a bag of kibble. You can pamper your pet this Valentines with any number of extraordinary gifts from Big Paw Designs, showing the rest of the world how much your pet means to you. Take a browse through their website, and think about who has been keeping you warm by snuggling up and helping to keep out the chill of winter. Happy Valentines day to you and your pets.


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