Dog Games to Play

The best way to bond with your canine is to play dog games. Playing dog games is not only fun for your dogs, but also fun for you. Some of these games may be hard to play if your dog or puppy is not fully trained.

Treat Finder: A fun and tasty game for your dog to play is treat finder. All you have to do is to keep your dog closed in another room for a couple of minutes. While they wait, hide as many treats as you want in both easy and hard places. Make sure all the treats are in their reach. Some good places to hide the dog treats are under a chair, in between a couch cushion, or even under a light, move-able object on the floor. This game is not only fun for your dog, but it also helps teach them basic skills. They will learn how to use their basic instincts of hunting out food and working for a reward.

Hide and Seek: If your dog knows how, have them sit and wait in a different room. If they are not good at waiting, just have another person hold them until you are ready. As they wait, hide somewhere. Some good hiding places are behind a door, behind a couch, or underneath bed covers. When you are ready for your dog to find you, just call out their name. This is better than the treat finder game because when your dog finds you, they will most likely meet you with whimpers and licks of joy. The best time to play this game is in the dark because it makes it harder for your dog to find you.

These two games are great for training your dog. They also help you enjoy your dog and bond with them. Whenever your dog finds a treat or you, be sure to lavish them with praises.

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  1. We love Hide and Seek!!! My husband and I take turns hiding and then we have our girls come and find us. We always have a great time playing this! I recommend closets and bath tubs as additional hiding places. =]

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