Valentine's Canine Treat – or Anytime Treat

Your best canine friend deserves special treatment on Valentine’s Day. Does that mean she needs a doggy spa treatment? Should you give him a new bandana or a run in the park? How about something that will mean even more to your dog?

Give your dog something that they will truly enjoy. Make home-baked peanut butter treats, and let them help. Recipes are available all over the net and ingredients are readily available and not expensive. If you don’t feel up to baking from scratch, you might try a kit. Most kits contain everything you need except possibly some water or oil.

Make it even more fun by trying dog biscuit molds or cookie cutters. There are a number of companies who have dog specific shapes available.

No matter which route you decide to take, your dog will especially enjoy being allowed to help. Let him lick the spoon!

For the busy pet owner, keep Peanut Butter Pup Corn on hand!

For more treats click here. For a valentine special click here.


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