Nosy Cats

Does anyone else own a nosy cat? Years ago we had a cat called Sammy, who was never far away from what was going on.

One evening we were playing cards during a power cut, and he sauntered over and jumped up onto the table to watch what was going on (and of course work his way around and have a fuss from everyone in turn. You know how cats are. I don’t think he was tipping anyone off as to what cards we all had though).

After a while he tired of that and became rather interested in the candles flickering in the middle of the table. Before we had a chance to warn him, there was a fizzing sound.

Sammy jumped off the table and wasn’t too interested in cards for the rest of the evening. He was fine, but we had a de-whiskered cat for some time afterwards.

Send us your funny cats stories and your cat may be on the blog!


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