Including Your Pet on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might already have a gift picked out for that special someone. If you’re a pet owner, though, you may be wondering if your favorite pet will feel excluded from the day’s romantic festivities. You’ll be happy to hear there are easy ways to include your pet in your Valentine’s Day plans that may actually enhance the mood of the day.

If you plan on proposing on Valentine’s Day, this is something in which your pet can easily be included. Have your pet wear a silk ribbon or special collar around their neck with the engagement ring attached. Let them greet your significant other and she will be tickled pink to see the surprise they’re carrying. If she is in search of her own pet, this is an excellent way to give her a pet and an engagement ring at the same time!

Romantic getaways are popular choices for Valentine’s Day. Include your pet by finding a destination that is pet friendly. Cozy log cabins and oceanfront houses will usually allow pets, and your pet will likely find the vacation as enjoyable as you will. Long walks on a wooded path or at sunset on the beach are not only romantic, but perfect ways to include your pet during your getaway.


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