The German Shorthaired Pointer

Is a GSP right for you? A dog who is a loving, loyal family companion
and hearth-warmer. A vigilant watchdog capable of guarding his home and

A versatile, tireless hunting dog capable of hunting feathered and
furred game, pointing or treeing as necessary, retrieving to hand over land or
water, and tracking wounded game. GSPs retain a puppy level of energy
throughout their lives. They require physical and mental stimuli to
help keep this energy at a manageable level. A family with an active
lifestyle geared toward activities that would include the dog is ideal. Access to
areas with plenty of room for running, such as the home property, the
park, the woods, etc., is beneficial. GSPs are very people oriented,
sometimes to the point of being clingy (following your every step around the house,
forexample). They thrive upon human interaction and need it to be truly
happy. They do best, whether hunting, competing, or just kept as companions,
if allowed to live as a part of the family unit as a house dog rather than
a yard or kennel.

Visit the Northern California Rescue group for this breed.


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