Fun Cat Facts – MeoW

Ailurophiles – people who love cats – always want to know more about their favorite pets. Here are some facts about house cats that you might not already know.

Groups of kittens are “kindles,” while groups of adult cats are “clowders.”

One litter of kittens can be produced by more than one father.

Cats weigh an average of 12 pounds. The heaviest cat on record weighed nearly 47 pounds. The lightest was one pound, eight ounces.

A cat’s heart beats up to 140 times per minute, or about twice as fast as a human’s.

Cats have five toes on each front foot, but only four on each back foot.

Many cats don’t have eyelashes.

Many people think that cats are colorblind, but it’s a myth. Now we know that cats can see blues, reds and greens.

Cats will spend about a third of the day grooming. The process is helped along by the backwards-facing spikes on their tongues. Now you know why it feels like being rubbed with sandpaper when they lick you.

They will also spend about 16 hours a day sleeping.

Bluebell, a Persian cat, had fourteen kittens in one litter: the largest single litter in which every kitten survived.

Puss, a cat from England, lived to be 36 in human years: the oldest cat on record.

Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat door.

Ancient Egyptians shaved their eyebrows in mourning when their cats died. And if someone killed a cat, he or she could get the death penalty.

Cats rarely meow at other cats.

Kittens will start dreaming when they’re about one week old.

When kittens are born, their eyes are blue – but they often change color as the babies grow.

Cats can be trained to use the toilet as their litter box. Some can even be taught to flush when they’re done.

Researchers have tried mouse-flavored cat food. The cats who were introduced to it refused to eat it.

You might think it’s disgusting when your cat brings you dead prey (like a bird or mouse), but you should thank her anyway. She thinks that she’s bringing you a present.

Our cats don’t think of themselves as small humans. Rather, they think of us as large cats.

Reward your cat today with a meow charm or a catnip toy!



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