Basenji Dog Facts

The Basenji dog breed doesn’t bark like other dogs. Why this breed doesn’t bark remains a mystery. Some believe it’s due to a physiological difference from other breeds while others believe Basenjis might have been trained by people not to bark many years ago, and this characteristic was passed down throughout future generations of the breed.

Basenjis do growl, but it’s a very distinct growl. They bark, but usually only once instead of repeatedly. The bark sounds more like a squeal or screech than a bark. The unusual sounds are made because its larynx is in a different location than that of other breeds. Their unusual bark can be very noisy!

So I think it is safe to say that a “Sir Barks a Lot” collar charm would not be the perfect gift for this dog breed!

Visit our breed info and rescue group pages to find out more about this breed. If you know of a rescue group – email us or reply to this post.

You can also learn about and post rescue groups on our online rescue community Woof Woof Online!


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